Chemical Content, %

Alloy Mg Al Zn Mn Ce Zr
ZK61M Bal. ≤0.05 5.0~6.0 ≤0.10 - 0.30~0.90
ZK61S Bal. - 4.8~6.2 - - 0.45~0.80


Magnesium alloy sheet and coil in the field of housing, car cover, door panels and lined, LED lamp, packing and shipping box and so on for the 3C products, have a wide range of applications. Magnesium sheet and coilor in the future alternative to steel, aluminum, plastic sheeting metal materials. The latest technology to produce sound, the diaphragm is also a magnesium alloy sheet.

Another sheet of the table at the technology, stamping, heat treatment technology of magnesium alloy sheet and coil applications supporting technology.